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Before Hair Transplant

The significant developments and improvement in hair restoration surgeries have increased the interest of people in the treatments. Hair loss is a common factor affecting two out of three people on an average in males and one out of five women. Certain activities such as poor blood circulation, shampooing of the hair frequently, wearing of caps and hats regularly are some of the factors for causing hair loss. Heredity is the main element for causing hair loss in men, while the hormonal changes are main concerns for hair loss in women.

There are certain pre-requisites that need to be considered before deciding to transplant hair. These are realistic and practical expectations that need to be followed by hair treatment patients. The patients need to know the limitations of hair restoration surgery. The main intention for following certain important instructions is that the surgery is going to improve and enhance your appearance only as much as is possible.

The preparation of hair restoration begins three weeks in advance of the actual treatment procedure. There are certain things which need to be followed before you undergo the hair restoration procedure for a successful hair growth. You need to ask your doctors or surgeons well in advance of the care you need to take before the hair transplant surgery is performed. Once you know about these precautions, the next step is to diligently follow all the instruction given by the doctors.

Mentioned below are some of the instructions which a patient needs to follow before the hair transplant surgery is performed:


All medications, supplements or vitamins that you consume need to be stopped before three weeks of the procedure. Medicines such as aspirin and other similar medications need to be avoided from this time onwards. Ingredients such as garlic and fish oil are harmful for the restoration and may result in bleeding. Hence such elements need to be stopped before three weeks and after two weeks of the hair restoration process.


One week before the process of hair restoration, all intake of nicotine products need to be stopped. This can be very harmful for the process of restoration. Even intake of alcohol needs to be stopped one week before the restoration process. Smoking results in robbing oxygen from your blood. Blood is very important in the process of hair growth and smoking can be a hindrance in proper hair restoration.


Some medicines which are prescribed by the doctors for prevention of infection need to be taken before the process of hair restoration. This is necessary for preventing infection or bleeding during the process.


A night before the process of hair restoration, hard drinking has to be avoided. This can be done only if the doctor has recommended, otherwise it is a big no.