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FUE (Stitchless)

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) has completely changed the way hair restoration is done in the current times. This important breakthrough related to hair restoration renders the performing of hair restoring without the use of knives, stiches or scalpels. In this method, the patients can also use their own body hair for transplanting to the affected areas of the scalp. This procedure is referred as Body Hair Transplant (BHT).

FUE technique for hair restoration involves the extraction or the harvesting of hair from the donor areas into the scalp. The FUE method makes involves the use of an instrument (micro punch) for making circular and small incisions in the skin present around the follicular unit. This separates it from surrounding tissues. After this, the unit is extracted or pulled from the scalp directly.

It is always advisable that you consult a doctor when you witness intense hair loss. There are different techniques that the doctor can suggest, however FUE is the most advanced of the all and is capable of successful restoration of the hair. The surgery is less stressful and invasive. Modern innovations and techniques have become helpful for the surgeons to perform hair transplantation without the use of stiches, thus resulting in less pain to the patients and fast recovery.

Genesis Cosmetic Surgeon & Hair Transplant Centrehas been in the forefront of FUE hair transplant technique using the latest technologies and scientific procedures. After the surgery, the patients can easily engage in different hairdo and grow hair naturally. The loss of hair in humans is mainly due to reasons such as hormonal imbalance, excessive hair pulling, and deficiency of the nutrients, fungal infections and stress to name a few. Hair loss causes patches in the scalp and makes it visible. Genesis Cosmetic Surgeon & Hair Transplant Centre has an expert panel which effectively performs the FUE treatment and restores hair back to its natural state.

Sophisticated technology and expert guidance is our forte. The medications are suggested treatments are sure to benefit you. The treatments will provide impetus for hair growth and enhance its look. Initially we ensure that preventive recommendations are prescribed to minimize the hair fall, and if everything else fails, we suggest FUE surgery method. There have been instances when people need to undergo the treatment, but are not comfortable in undergoing the surgery with shaving of the head. We have some set techniques for performing the surgery without the need of shaving of the head. However, we need to bring to your notice that such procedure are pretty difficult to perform and are also time consuming in nature. This also results in increasing the cost of the hair transplant process using such methods.

We guarantee that this treatment will restore your scalp to its original state. All the necessary precautions are taken before performing the surgery. We also perform these surgeries for overseas clients, as such patients are benefited by the low cost involved for surgeries in India. We have testimonies from our domestic as well as international satisfied patients who have benefitted with our treatment procedures and recovery guidelines.