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Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction are the current treatments which are widely used and discussed in the surgical world regarding the process of restoration of hair. The process of FUT is a process of cosmetic surgery for hair restoration than involves the transplantation of the follicular units in the affected area of the scalp.

FUT treatments are done using local anaesthesia. The process involves the removal of a strip from the hair from the area selected for donation. This area is usually located in the rear part of the hair. The follicles do not get affected by balding and thinning and are permanently placed in the affected area. The process begins with the removal of the follicles and then dissecting the follicular units which are also called grafts into the area of the recipient site.

This process is carried out under the microscope and the units are prepared for insertion into the area of the scalp which is affected. The area to be treated is prepared initially by making of tiny slits. The follicles are then inserted in these tiny slits. The hair of the patients then start growing gradually once the follicles are placed in the affected area. This growth of hair is then natural. The process of Follicular Hair Transplant is considered as the faster method for covering and treating large areas which are affected by baldness. The process usually takes about 4 to 8 hours for completion, and is done perfectly by any of the professional and experienced surgeons in the field of hair restoration.

Benefits of using the Follicular Unit Transplant technique for restoration of hair

There are various benefits and advantages of treating baldness with the process of follicular hair transplant. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below:

  • The treatment is capable of restoring large areas affected due to baldness in single session of hair transplantation
  • The treatment of FUT makes it possible for adding density to the entire area of the top of the scalp
  • The treatment adds great density to the scalp is performed by experts and efficient surgeons
  • The latest technologies and advancements in the surgical field of hair transplant make the procedure of FUT advantageous for the patients
  • The process is carried out under the safe method of local anaesthesia
  • The process also ascertains that the treated patients are able to stlye their hair according to their liking
  • The patients can get back to their daily chores and work just after 72 hours of the treatment of follicular unit transplantation
  • The treatment of follicular unit transplantation is comparatively more cheaper than the other procedure of hair restoration known as follicular unit extraction (FUE), and hence is open for people with constraints in budget

Genesis Cosmetic Surgeon & Hair Transplant Centreis experienced in the treatment of hair restoration using FUT and you can get in touch with us at for any queries or consultation regarding the treatment using the method of follicular hair transplant.