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Hair Transplant

Baldness is mostly associated with aging, although there are other factors too that cause loss of hair significantly in young age as well. Every individual, may it be a man or a women, experiences loss of hair in his or her lifetime. However, this loss does not necessarily mean baldness. The main reasons for hair loss are hormones, aging, certain kind of diseases and genes. Baldness is associated with elements such as low self-esteem and weak confidence levels, especially if this happens in young days. However, good news is that this can be rectified by Hair Transplantation.

What exactly is Hair Transplant?

The demand for hair transplant is increasing with days, and it has become a more effective and permanent solution for treating baldness or hair loss. The procedure is surgical and involves the removal of hair from the back part of your scalp and sometimes the sides and implanting it into the region of baldness or hair loss. The surgery is done under local anaesthesia and the patients find the growth of hair in durations of 2 to 3 months. Additionally, the procedure for surgery is not at all complicated but essentially needs a skilled professional and good amount of hair grafts from the donor scalp.

What is right for you?

The needs and wishes of different people carry varied perspectives for transplantation of hair. The important fact to remember here is that every patient does not have sufficient amount of hair grafts for donation, and this has an effect on the growth of hair drastically. Matching of the new hair with the original is important in this scenario. Hence, choosing the correct method for hair transplantation becomes all the more important.


Hair transplantation has several benefits associated with it as follows:

  • Unlike the other methods of medical treatments that involve drugs for maintaining existing hair, hair transplantation results in growing of new hair.
  • The new growth of hair is indistinguishable from the original hair, if the surgery is performed by skilled professionals, thus providing a natural look.
  • The procedure is comparatively quick and the new hair grows in a period of 4 to 6 months.
  • The appearance of the individual is enhanced, thus restoring their confidence and self-esteem

Minor drawbacks

Certain minor drawbacks of hair transplantation procedures include temporary numbness around the area of treatment, minor infections, hair thinning, pain or swelling around the affected areas.

However, conclusively, the hair transplant procedure is efficient and effective in treating baldness permanently. Genesis Cosmetic Surgeon & Hair Transplant Centre is a pioneer in hair transplant treatments and has a long list of satisfied patients for testimony. We specialize in the enhancement of your appearance. Your confidence will be augmented after you consult us for hair transplantation surgery. Experience staff and a clean environment, which are necessary elements for any clinic are our strengths. The experience of serving patients from all across the nation and also abroad adds to our credibility. The use of latest technology and effective methods for hair restoration are our forte and we guarantee that you will be satisfied after you visit us.