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How to prevent further hair loss?

Hair loss, especially if it happens prematurely, can put you in a worrisome and embarrassing situation in this appearance obsessed community. However, the fact is that every individual sheds hair daily, some to an extreme extent leading to baldness. But, good news is here for you. There are many inexpensive and simple techniques for managing the loss of hair, and you can start right away. In spite of using these techniques your hair loss does not reduce, it is time you consult your doctor.

Diet Control:

Follow a balance diet regime. No, please don’t start thinking that this is some exercise regimen that we are prescribing; this is a simple method which if followed correctly, can reduce your worries considerably. A diet which consists of proteins, minerals and vitamins found in eggs, chicken, beans etc is a good start for your hair loss prevention endeavour. Additionally, increase the intake of foods containing zinc and biotin. Most of the health conditions are actually cured from inside, rather than outside. Continuously feeding the hair with vital nutrients as those mentioned above will mitigate hair loss in the future.

Food to avoid:

Processed foods and other food products containing hormones are a big no. The nutritional benefits present in such foods are usually stripped of. They provide empty calories and may lead to impairment of the thyroid, which is a key organ than is responsible for hair loss.

Hair Styling:

Youngsters are naturally tempted to have hairstyles which result in pulling the hair tightly, such as braids or chignon. You can prevent hair loss considerably by avoiding such styles, as the unnecessary stress put on the hair due to this can be harmful. Pulling can put lot of pressure on follicles and leads to breakage and threaten the health of your hair. This is more threatening for hair which is thin or fine.

Increase Circulation:

Circulation is an important aspect for fostering the growth of hair, and maintaining the healthy nature of the current strands of hair. Increasing the circulation is always recommended. Though there are medicines which can render help in increasing or improving the blood circulation, there are several home remedies to attain the same result. For example, massaging the scalp gently and doing handstands and headstands are very useful. Overall, a good exercise regime (Not rigorous mind you), instigates the blood circulation to the follicles, thus providing healthy hair.

If all the above methods fail, its time you visit Genesis Cosmetic Surgeon & Hair Transplant Centre. Our expertise in this domain can help you come out of this embarrassing situation and revive the lost confidence in you.