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Most of the cosmetic surgeries are complex and aggressive than the hair transplant treatment which is comparatively less stressful and easy, however the important point to remember is that the recovery process for this treatment needs to be considered very seriously.

The modern techniques of hair transplant treatment involve the process of making small incisions in comparison to the older methods and lead to a fast recovery. There are certain points which need to be remembered in the recovery though.

During the initial few days after the surgery, discomfort, soreness and tenderness is observed. This is accompanied by a mild brushing or swelling; however you need not worry too much as this disappears after a few days. There are other important steps to be followed post-surgery as mentioned below.

  • Your hair should not be pulled or tugged tightly after the surgery. This is because of the extremely sensitive nature of the transplanted hair. If you engage in such activities, the chances of the hair coming out are heightened and this may also cause bleeding.
  • Few pimples or cysts are likely to appear at the area of the transplantation. Usually, these pimples can appear after completion of one month of the surgery along with the growth of the new hair. The cysts however disappear on their own after some days. Hence it is recommended that you do not engage in squeezing or picking out the pimples, as this might result in permanent damage to the follicles of the hair.
  • Care should be taken to sleep with your neck and head in an upward position and any activity which may cause damage to the area of transplant has to be avoided. Activities such as styling or brushing the hair are extremely harmful during the recovery phase. The hair should not be kept dry and the use of any kind of hair cream has to be avoided; at least for a month after the surgery, as this might cause irritation.
  • Smoking is something that has to be stopped during the recovery phase. Smoking decreases the proper healing of the transplanted area and in fact increases the chances of scarring and infection. Alcoholic beverages need to be avoided in the first few days post-surgery as they are a hindrance in the process.
  • Direct contact of the transplanted area with the sun is highly prohibited. Strenuous exercise during the initial few weeks after the surgery is also prohibited.
  • The operated patients might encounter shedding of the hair in the initial weeks in the transplanted area. However, you need not worry as this is a common factor and stops after some time.
  • Care should be taken to wash the hair with the use of warm water, and you should do this gently without scrubbing the hair. The hair needs to be kept clean in the initial weeks post-surgery.
  • Medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin have to be avoided during the recovery process. These medications might result in extravagant bleeding and also result in delaying the process of recovery.
  • Haircuts need to be avoided for at least three weeks post-surgery.

Your hair is an important element of your body; it needs to be taken care of and has to be given concern for fast recovery and the avoidance of infections. Hence, it is advocated that you follow the simple steps mentioned above for a quick recovery.