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Should I do hair transplant?

There is always a question in the minds of people whether they are the right candidates to undergo a treatment of hair transplant. There are many options to consider in this aspect. The main aspect to consider while ascertaining whether you are the right candidate for the surgery is the pattern of hair loss. A very important aspect in this consideration is that though the hair is transplanted, the original hair where transplant is not done will continue to witness the hair loss pattern followed initially. In youngsters it becomes difficult to understand the nature of the hair loss pattern and what effect the hair transplant may have. Whether it will create a natural look or whether it may result in increasing the hair loss is difficult to determine.

Waiting is sometimes good

A proficient surgeon will always advocate waiting till the definite pattern of hair loss is found. If thinning is your issue, then it might be possible that the loss of hair in the future might increase. In such cases, hair loss has to be avoided, as it might result in grafts sticking in front of the head, without the presence of sufficient hair for donation. A good surgeon needs to be consulted in such cases.

Who is the right candidate?

There are many factors for understanding the right candidate for transplantation of hair. The age of over 24 to 25 years is ideal for the hair transplantation surgery. This is because of the progressive feature of baldness in males. The restoration of the density of your hair at a tender age such as 20 or 21 is not useful for hair transplant. In fact this might result in cosmetic deformity which is deemed worse than even the hair loss in the initial stage. Temporary methods are advised at this age for reducing the problem. The settling of hair is not determined at this tender age. There are examples of people who have suffered more later on when they have undergone hair transplant surgery at such young age. The late 20’s are hence the perfect time for the hair transplant procedure.

Considering hair transplant at such a tender age is only recommended if the circumstances necessitate the surgery. These circumstances can be professional or emotional. However, a proper advice is necessary and this is completely based on individual basis. The history of the family in medical aspects also has a say in this aspect. Hereditary thinning is an aspect that ascertains the right candidate for hair restoration.

All the above mentioned aspects need the advice of a reputed and efficient surgeon who can provided proper and correct solutions to your problem of hair loss. At younger ages, these surgeons will recommend medications that may help in thickening of your hair, rather than undergoing a hair restoration surgery. Laser light therapies are sometimes recommended at young age to hair loss patients. Sometimes the surgeons might undergo the surgery in your mid 20’s; however they will use the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method for treatment.

All this takes us to the conclusion that hair transplant surgery is suitable for candidates who have a predictable and clear pattern of hair loss. Till this pattern is established, it is recommended that the patients do not undergo surgery.