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Address:A 101, Akanksha Society,
Panchpakhadi, Above
Dominos Pizza, Naupada,
Thane (West),

Patient Testimonials

  • Sai Gundewar, Actor

    I have had 3 hair transplants with Dr. Anand and I am extremely pleased with the results. The fact that I have visited him thrice is a testament of my satisfaction. The first time one enters his clinic, you don't get a gloomy, serious interiors that one associates with a clinic. It's vibrant a colorful something that puts you instantly at ease.

    Also his staff is very helpful and friendly and wastes no time in attending you. Hair transplant is a very tedious and a tad lengthy surgery but due to the comfy tone Dr. Anand and his affable staff set before the surgery one feels positive, tension free and he makes it look like a walk in the park.

    Generally, doctors are known to exaggerate or even heighten the ailment or the treatment patients are about to undergo but Anand, who now has become a friend has always made me feel like one and that's what sets him apart from other plastic surgeons I have visited in the past. I have been complimented by other surgeons on the look I have achieved and the hair line he gave me. That's the ultimate feeling a patient can experience and take solace in the choice of the doctor to begin with. Being an actor I was very careful about choosing the doctor and the right treatment and Anand helped me with it all. I think he is one of the best, nicest, and reasonable and a genuine doctor this city has. I always do and will strongly recommend him to others. A big thank you.

  • Umesh Mourya, Thane

    I would like to thanks you that from your support I got cleanliness from baldness. Now I am very happy by gaining my hair back through you successful treatment.

  • Atul, Mumbai

    I have done my hair transplant surgery in 2009 and result of the surgery is very good and still experiencing the natural growth of my hair in 2013. My surgery was done by Dr. Anand Joshi, who has given me the guidance about the hair transplant surgery and precautions to be taken after the surgery. My experience of doing the hair transplant surgery at your clinic is very good and it has given me new look and positive change in my personality.

  • J. Ashok, Mumbai

    It has been more than two and Half years since I got my Hair Transplant surgery done, the growth was significant and more than me looking younger with more hair, it has given me the insight of thinking younger. Healthy Hair plays a vital role of your personality while interacting with people. Trust me when I went for it, I was not confident at all that the look will change.
    You made it happen and thank you very much doctor.

  • Naresh Sharma

    I got hair transplant done from Dr Anand Joshi in the year 2008, I am very happy with the results, Dr Anand Joshi is an expert surgeon and equally got human being.